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General Downloads and Reports

Please find a range of documents relating to MuEuCAP, which you are welcome to read and/or download.

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Item 1: MuEuCAP logo (WP1)

Item 2: MuEuCAP Project Manual (WP6)

Item 2a: Timeline (Year 1 revised) (WP8)

Item 2b: Timeline (Year 2 revised) (WP8)

Item 2c: Timeline (Year 3 revised) (WP8)

Item 3: Quarterly Newsletter/Report (1) (Feb-April 2018) (WP6, WP7)

Item 3a: Article in The Global Light of Myanmar (WP7)

Item 3b: BOKU online report of Kick-off meeting (WP7)

Item 3c: Regional experience of academic modernisation (Thailand)

Item 4: Criteria for the Selection of Staff for training (WP2)

Item 5: Quarterly Newsletter/Report (2) (May-July 2018) (WP6, WP7)

Item 5b: University of Extremadura article on training (WP7)

Item 6: Flyer (1st) of MuEuCAP project (February, 2018) (WP7)

Item 7: Flyer (2nd) of MuEuCAP project (October, 2018) (WP7)

Item 7a: Discussion in Pathein University (November, 2019) (WP6)

Item 8: How to apply to take part in MuEuCAP training workshops (WP2)

Item 8a: Compilation video of July 2018 workshop (WP7)

Item 8b: Database of MUP's existing courses relating to Environmental Protection (WP1)

Item 9: Quarterly Newsletter/Report (3) (Aug-Oct 2018) (WP6, WP7) 

Item 9b: Evaluation Questionnaire template (WP3)

Item 10: How universities can claim for Travel Costs and Cost of Stay from the EU (WP6)

Item 11: How staff can claim Travel Costs and Costs of Stay from their universities (WP6)

Item 12: How universities can claim for Staff Costs from the European Union (WP6)

Item 13: Preparing a 'Project Outline' (WP2)

Item 14: Quarterly Newsletter/Report (4) (Nov 2018-Jan 2019) (WP6, WP7)

Item 14a: Link to MNTV video of Mandalay University workshop (WP7)

Item 14b: Link to MRTV video of Mawlamyine University (WP7)

Item 14c: Meeting with the Minister of Education (WP6)

Item 14d: Meeting with Environmental Educator (WP6)

Item 15: Provisional dates for June - December 2019 workshops (WP8)

Item 16: Quarterly Newsletter/Report (5) (Feb-Apr 2019) (WP6, WP7)

Item 17: Applying for student internship (WP5)

Item 17a: YouTube - Myeik University working with MuEuCAP (WP7)

Item 17b: Flyer (3rd) of MuEuCAP project (June, 2019) (WP7)

Item 17c: Myeik University MuEuCAP website (WP7)

Item 18: Quarterly Newsletter/Report. (6) (May-July 2019) WP6, WP7)

Item 18a: YouTube - Mandalay University - Forestry Science (WP7)

Item 18b: YouTube - Mandalay & Mawlamyine Universities: Bird diversity/parasites (WP7)

Item 19: BioCEP curriculum (Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Protection) (WP2)

Item 19a: Syllabus BioCEP-611 (Ecology, Biodiversity & Conservation Biology) (WP2)

Item 19b: Syllabus BioCEP-612 (Environmental Law and EIA) (WP2)

Item 19c: Syllabus BioCEP-614 (Methods in BioCEP: field/practical) (WP2)

Item 19d: Syllabus BioCEP-621 (Statistics and Environmental Modelling) (WP2)

Item 19e: Syllabus BioCEP-622 (Scientific Writing) (WP2)

Item 19f: Syllabus BioCEP-623 (Project Management and Implementation) (WP2)

Item 19g: Syllabus BioCEP-624 (Master Seminar) (WP2)

Item 20: Instructions for students who are part of the first Internship programme of MuEuCAP (WP5)

Item 21: Instruction for Myanmar staff who wish to take part in a study visit to Europe (WP2)

Item 22: Guidelines for the use of the grant (WP6)

Item 23: Provisional dates for January - August 2020 workshops (WP8)

Item 24: Important information for internship students (2019-2020) (WP5)

Item 25: 'Scientific writing' homework (WP2, WP3)

Item 26: Quarterly Newsletter/Report (7) (Aug-Oct 2019) (WP6, WP7)

Item 27: Quarterly Newsletter/Report (8) (Nov 2019-Jan 2020) (WP6, WP7)

Item 28: MuEuCAP visit to the Natural History Museum Vienna (in Myanmar language) (WP7)

Item 29: MuEuCAP student internship programme with MBNS (in Myanmar language) (WP7)

Item 29a: YouTube - Student internships with 4 NGOs (WP7)

Item 29b: YouTube - Student internships, ecotourism (WP7)

Item 29c: YouTube - Myeik University BioCEP-21 Realisation of curriculum (WP4)

Item 29d: YouTube - Mandalay University BioCEP-614 Realisation of curriculum (WP4)

Item 30: Quarterly Newsletter/Report (9) (Feb-April 2020) (WP7)

Item 31: Good examples of online tutorials by Dr Lutz Fehrmann (WP2)

Item 32: Quarterly Newsletter/Report (10) (May-Oct 2020) (WP6, WP7)

Item 33: Quarterly Newsletter/Report (11) (Nov 2020-Jan 2021) (WP6, WP7).



Report 1:     2018/03 - Kick-off (WP1), Myeik

Report 2:     2018/03 - Steering Committee (1st) (WP8), Myeik

Report 3:     2018/07 - MONREC, Nay Pyi Daw (WP8)

Report 4:     2018/07 - Needs assessment, Mandalay (WP1)

Report 4a:   2018/07 - Outreach and communication (WP7), Mandalay, Mawlamyine

Report 5:     2018/07 - Needs assessment, Mawlamyine (WP1)

Report 5b:   2018/07 - Needs assessment, Myeik (WP1) 

Report 6:     2018/07 - Needs assessment, Non-academic partners, (WP1) Yangon 

Report 7:     2018/10 - Curriculum development (WP2), Mandalay, Mawlamyine

Report 8:     2018/10 - Steering Committee (2nd) (WP8), Mandalay

Report 9(-11):  2018/10 - Scientific English (WP2), Mandalay

R13(15-17,19): 2019/02 - Training in project development (WP2), Mandalay, Myeik, Mawlamyine

Report 19b: 2019/01 - Needs assessment Final Report (WP1)

R20(24-25):     2019/07 - Training in field techniques (WP2), Mandalay, Myeik, Mawlamyine

Report 22:   2019/06 - Training in environmental law, EIA (WP2, WP3), Mandalay, Myeik, online

Report 23:   2019/07 - Training in didactics (WP2), Mandalay

Report 26:   2019/09 - Training in data analysis (WP2), Myeik

Report 27(29a)2020/02 - Myanmar Staff Exchanges (WP2), Europe

Report 28:   2019/11 - Steering Committee (3rd) (WP8), Vienna

Report 28a  2019/12 - Update of equipment (WP2)

Report 29:   2020/03 - Practical testing of Curriculum (WP3), Myeik

Report 30:   2020/09 - Steering Committee (4th) (WP8), Online

Report 31:   2020/10 - Emergency needs assessment for online learning (WP8), online

Report 32:   2020/10 - Training in online learning (WP2) online

Report 33:   2020/11 - Training in online learning (WP2), online

Report 34:   2020/11 - Practical testing of curriculum (WP3), online

Report 35:   2020/11 - Practical testing of curriculum (WP3), online

Report 36:   2020/11 - Practical testing of curriculum (WP3), online

Report 37:   2020/11 - Practical testing of curriculum (WP3), online

Report 38:   2020/12 - Practical testing of curriculum (WP3), online

Report 38b: 2020/12 - Practical testing of curriculum (WP3), online

Report 38c: 2020/12 - Administration meeting (WP6)

Report 39:   2020/12 - Realisation of curriculum (WP4), online

Report 40:   2021/01 - Practical testing of EIA (WP3), online

Report 41:   2020/02 - Student internships (WP5)

Report 41b: 2020/02 - Student internship individual reports (WP5)

A selection of online lectures developed by Myanmar university staff
as part of the practical testing and realisation of the new BioCEP curriculum


BioCEP-611: Unit 7, Habitat loss and fragmentation

BioCEP-611: Unit 9, Impact of overharvest in natural populations

BioCEP-611: Unit 9, Effect of overharvest in water

BioCEP-611: Unit 12, The importance of biodiversity conservation

BioCEP-611: Unit 12, The role of science in biodiversity conservation

BioCEP-612: Environmental laws of Myanmar

BioCEP-612: Environmental impact assessment

BioCEP-612: Environmental impacts identification

BioCEP-614: Unit 2, Sampling design for forest inventory

BioCEP-614: Unit 4, Water pollution and remediation

BioCEP-614: Unit 5, Mangrove inventory

BioCEP-621: Unit 1, Preliminary concepts of statistics Part 1

BioCEP-621: Unit 1, Preliminary concepts of statistics Part 2

BioCEP-621: Unit 3, Framing statistical hypothesis Part 1

BioCEP-621: Unit 3, Framing statistical hypothesis Part 2

BioCEP-621: Unit 5, First statistical test Part 1

BioCEP-621: Unit 5, First statistical test Part 2

BioCEP-621: Unit 6, Introduction to R and visualisation

BioCEP-622: Unit 5, Discussions and conclusions

BioCEP-622: Unit 6, How to write an abstract

BioCEP-622: Unit 7, Authorship, acknowledgements, references

"The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein"

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