Over the course of the next three years, we will add many documents, images and other items to this page that are free to download and explain or contribute towards the project.

Item 1: MuEuCAP logo

Item 2: MuEuCAP Project Manual

Item 3: Quarterly Newsletter/Report, No: 1 (April, 2018)

Item 4: Criteria for the Selection of Staff for training 

Item 5: Quarterly Newsletter/Report, No: 2 (July, 2018)

Item 6: First flyer of MuEuCAP project (February, 2018)

Item 7: Second flyer of MuEuCAP project (October, 2018)

Item 8: How to apply to take part in MuEuCAP training workshops

Item 8b: Database of MUP's existing courses relating to Environmental Protection

tem 9: Quarterly Newsletter/Report, No: 3 (November, 2018) 

Item 9b: Evaluation Questionnaire template

Item 10: How universities can claim for Travel Costs and Cost of Stay from the EU

Item 11: How staff can claim Travel Costs and Costs of Stay from their universities

Item 12: How universities can claim for Staff Costs from the European Union

Item 13: Preparing a 'Project Outline'

Item 14: Quarterly Newsletter/Report, No. 4 (February, 2019)

Item 15: Provisional dates for June - December 2019 workshops

Item 16: Quarterly Newsletter/Report, No. 5 (May, 2019)

Item 17: Applying for student internship

Item 18: Quarterly Newsletter/Report. No. 6 (September, 2019)

Item 19: Proposed curriculum in “Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Protection” – BioCEP

Item 20: Instructions for students who are part of the first Internship programme of MuEuCAP

Item 21: Instruction for Myanmar staff who wish to take part in a study visit to Europe

Item 22: Guidelines for the use of the grant

Item 23: Provisional dates for January - August 2020 workshops

Item 24: Important information for internship students (2019-2020)

Item 25: 'Scientific writing' homework

Item 26: Quarterly Newsletter/Report, No. 7 (November, 2019)

Item 27: Quarterly Newsletter/Report, No. 8 (March, 2020)

Item 28: Report on the MuEuCAP visit to the Natural History Museum Vienna (in Myanmar language)

Item 29: Report on the MuEuCAP student internship programme with MBNS (in Myanmar language)

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