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Project Aims

To modernise the Master's degree curriculum in Environmental Protection in the three participating
Myanmar universities by:

  • ensuring that courses and topics are relevant, meet the needs of possible employers, and so increase the career prospects of graduates

  • training staff and students in new technical and soft skills, including ICT

  • ensuring courses are of international quality.

To increase accessibility to higher education in the three participating Myanmar universities by:

  • raising the profile of postgraduate education

  • ensuring that university education is open to all irrespective of gender, race or social status.

To promote the internationalisation of higher education in the three participating Myanmar universities by:

  • selecting topics that reflect international priorities in environmental protection

  • encouraging convergence in the curriculum with universities outside Myanmar, in Asia and Europe

  • encouraging further specialisation and expertise to make the universities more attractive to collaboration.

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Official project title: MuEuCAP - 'Supporting the modernization, accessibility and internationalization of environmental protection in Myanmar's higher education sector'

All photos © Paul Bates - May, 2019