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Myanmar Bird and Nature Society

(MBNS, Myanmar)

The SocietyThe Myanmar Bird and Nature Society (MBNS) is a not-for-profit organization (CSO) that was established and officially recognised by the Myanmar government in 2000. It is based in Yangon but operates throughout the country.

Its objectives include (1) to conserve the natural heritage of Myanmar through the protection of birds and their habitats and working with local communities; (2) to conduct training programmes for students, tour guides, and staff of protected areas in bird identification, ecotourism and conservation; (3) to promote a love of birds and nature amongst the younger generation in Myanmar, this includes an active schools’ programme; (4) to conduct surveys and research of Myanmar's birds and nature; (5) to develop national and international networks dedicated to the study and protection of Myanmar's nature; and (6) to promote bird watching and eco-tourism in Myanmar providing a forum for bird enthusiasts (MBNS Facebook page with 15,800+ members).

MBNS members have carried out collaborative international programmes including with BOKU staff and UNESCO in the Northern Mountain Forest Complex of Kachin State. They have also worked with UNESCO and the Department of Archaeology on the advisory committee on ‘Environmental Planning’ for Bagan’s World Heritage submission. Elsewhere they have worked with the Harrison Institute on a number of projects relating to environmental planning, biodiversity conservation, and poverty alleviation. These projects seek to promote the protection of Myanmar’s natural heritage within the context of sustainable development.

The Society Team - includes: 


Dr (Mr) Thein Aung, Chairman of Myanmar Bird and Nature Association (MBNS)


Dr (Ms) Thiri Dae We Aung, an Executive Committee member of MBNS and Research and Conservation Manager for BANCA (Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association)

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