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Project Timeline

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Year 1 timeline:

  • A new curriculum in Environmental Protection is developed by the three Myanmar and three European universities, assisted by the non-academic partners (Harrison Institute, MBNS, UNREDD...)

  • The four Myanmar universities, with training from the three European universities, prepare staff and equipment to test the new curriculum.

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Year 2 timeline:

  • The new curriculum is tested with postgraduate students at the three Myanmar universities; staff and students are chosen on merit and equality of opportunity

  • Further training in a range of technical, language and soft skills is provided by the European universities to the Myanmar staff

  • The new curriculum is assessed and changes made, as necessary.

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Year 3 timeline:

  • The new curriculum is used to train postgraduate students in Environmental Protection at the three Myanmar universities

  • The skills of staff and students are further reinforced in training programmes, both in Myanmar and in Europe

  • Uptake of the new curriculum is encouraged by using outreach to promote equity of access to the three Myanmar universities.

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Official project title: MuEuCAP - 'Supporting the modernization, accessibility and internationalization of environmental protection in Myanmar's higher education sector'

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