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University of Extremadura

(Universidad de Extremadura, Badajoz, Spain: UEx)

The UniversityFounded in 1973, the University of Extremadura has four separate, multi-disciplinary campuses, which together comprise 20 faculties, research institutes and engineering schools. UEx forms part of Group G9. These are Spanish universities which aim to provide innovative programmes in international collaboration in education and research.

Currently UEx offers 64 Bachelor's Degrees and 32 Master's Degrees, as well as doctoral studies in the International Postgraduate School, research programmes and international summer courses. More than 24,000 under- and post-graduate students are enrolled at UEx, along with a further 8,000 students in other diverse courses. There are 1,500 teachers and more than 800 administrative, technical and service staff.


UEx focuses on 5 strategic action areas: i) Teaching-Learning, ii) Research, Transfer and Innovation, iii) Management and Services in the University Community, iv) Fund-Raising and Financial Management, Sustainability and Social Responsibility, and v) Internationalisation.

Specialisations of the Faculty of Sciences include biodiversity, environmental protection, climate change, conservation science, and the ecology of wildlife/human health. The Science Communication Unit of the UEx provides innovative support to researchers to communicate science to various audiences/stakeholders/end users including the media, schools, general public, private companies, museums and government. They also actively promote equity of access to university education, targeting women and the disadvantaged, especially those living in remote rural areas.


The University Team - includes: 


Dr (Mr) Alfonso Marzal Reynolds, a senior scientist and Associate Professor of Zoology in the Department of Anatomy, Cellular Biology and Zoology...more 

Ms Marta Fallola Sánchez‐Herrera, Director of the Science Communication and Dissemination Unit (Servicio de Difusión de la Cultura Científica...more


Dr José Antonio Masero is a senior scientist and Associate Professor of the Zoology, Department of Anatomy, Cellular Biology and Zoology...more

Ms Macarena Parejo Cuéllar, outreach staff of the Science Communication and Dissemination Unit of UEX....more

Ms Cristina Núñez, communication staff of the Science Communication and Dissemination Unit of UEX....more

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