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University of Göttingen

(Georg-August Universität, Göttingen, Germany: UGOE)

The University - Founded in 1737, University of Göttingen is a comprehensive global research university that has an international reputation in research-based teaching and learning and in cooperation with non-university institutions.


There are approximately 30,000 students, of whom 11% are from abroad. 132 courses are offered in English, including 22 MSc, 6 PhD and 1 BSc for international students.


UGOE has extensive experience of EU programmes. It was/is the main coordinator of 9 Erasmus and one Tempus Project and is involved in a further 31 EMA2 projects as a partner, 5 of which include Myanmar. In addition, UGOE coordinates an Erasmus+ Key Action 107 project (mobility with partner countries) with partners in 14 different countries, including three institutions in Myanmar.

The Chair of Forest Inventory and Remote Sensing (AWF) of UGOE is renowned in the field of forest monitoring. This includes cooperating with developing countries when designing and implementing large area forest monitoring systems especially relating to international conventions.

The university has comprehensive experience in capacity building in relation to all aspects of forest and environmental monitoring, including MRV. It has organized, since 2010, six workshops on global forestry issues in Mexico, South Africa, Indonesia, Dubai and Chile. It was also involved in a UN-REDD training course on designing a national forest monitoring system in Myanmar in 2015.

The University Team - includes: 


Prof Dr (Mr) Christoph Kleinn, Professor and Director of the Chair of Forest Inventory and Remote Sensing at the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology...more 

Dr (Mr) Lutz Fehrmann, a Senior Scientist at the Chair of Forest Inventory and Remote sensing and one of the Managing Directors of Forest Eye Research mbH&Co KG...more

Ms Sabine Kuehling, Coordinator of the Forest Expert Program of the German Forest Society...more

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